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For All Your Business Insurance Needs in Calgary – Come to Us

Your Livelihood Should be Protected – We Listen First and Recommend Later

Your business is your livelihood and you need to protect it. Whether you are in business by yourself as a sole proprietor, a limited/incorporated company, or with a partner(s), we will ensure that the policy you need will have all the coverages that are necessary to protect you and your company’s exposures to a loss.


We promise to listen to what your concerns are and offer suggestions on business insurance in Calgary and to how best protect you moving forward. We will follow up with you throughout the years making sure your exposures have not changed and if they have, make sure that the coverage is amended to meet your needs. A wide variety of different business and contractors can obtain coverage from:


After we analyze your insurance requirements, your commercial/business insurance advisor will recommend the appropriate coverages such as:

Liability limits from $1 million up to $5 million
Loss of income due to an insured peril
Newly acquired equipment coverage when a tool/ equipment floater is purchased
Replacement cost coverage for tools or equipment
Newly acquired location coverage when property coverage is purchased
Installation coverage

We are here to help you go through the insurance process and to discuss your needs with you. Call us to make an appointment with an insurance advisor and we will be happy to review your commercial/business insurance needs.



Our professional brokers can help you find the right insurance to suit your needs.

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