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Have Peace of Mind with Condo Insurance in Calgary

It’s always a good feeling to secure adequate insurance coverage on your home for you and your family. John Beal Insurance Ltd. can help you find and purchase condo insurance that will provide you with the comfort and confidence of knowing that you are protected from unexpected damages and extra expenses. You can rely on our brokers to have your best interests in mind as we customize a policy best suited to your lifestyle. Call us now to set up an appointment with our brokers!


How Does Condo Insurance Protect Me?

A condo insurance policy protects you and your family for more situations than you would think and often extends beyond the walls of your home. Basic condo insurance coverage in Calgary generally includes:

Personal belongings like furniture, clothing, and other items inside your condo.
Upgrades and home improvements such as flooring, light fixtures, and countertops.
Additional living expenses like hotel rooms and storage costs in case you are unable to live in your condo during repairs after an insurance loss.
Accidents, property damage and injuries on your property.

Contact us to know more about the options available to you; our insurance brokers will gladly understand your requirements and patiently explain every detail so you can make the best decision for you and your family.

Important Terms Related to Condo Insurance

It’s good to have a basic understanding of the following terms related to condo insurance:

All-risk coverage
Protects your belongings from all risks and perils and covers improvements and updates made to your home.
Personal liability coverage
Gives you financial protection in case someone unintentionally injures themselves or damages their property in your condo and sues you for damages.
Replacement cost
This means that items would be repaired or replaced with new items of similar quality and worth in the event of an insurance claim.
Additional living expenses coverage
If and when you are forced to vacate your home, or you are unable to live in your home while an insured loss is being repaired or replaced, this will help cover your living expenses, like hotel and food costs.

In case you have more questions regarding your condo insurance policy in Calgary, please check out our resources to help you with answers to some commonly asked questions. You are always welcome to make an appointment to visit our office in Calgary and speak with our brokers to help guide you through this process.

Home Insurance vs. Condo Insurance

Both condo and home insurance protect the owner from personal liability and provide coverage for the inside of the home and their personal property. The difference lies in the insurance coverage they provide for the structure of your property.

  • A standard home insurance policy covers the outside structure of your home, yard, related structures, your personal belongings inside your home, and other liabilities.

  • A condo insurance policy provides coverage for personal property and liability. The coverage for the actual building is where these two policies differ the most.

Learn more about the home insurance policies provided by John Beal Insurance Ltd., and feel free to reach out to us to discuss the perfect insurance coverage for you!

Contact Us to Discuss your Condo Insurance Options in Calgary

John Beal Insurance Ltd. has served Calgary and surrounding areas with reliable and affordable insurance brokerage services since 1991. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized and trustworthy service to all our clients to fulfil all aspects of your personal and commercial insurance needs. Our job is to put together the best policy to keep you and your family safe and secure from adversities. Set up an appointment with our agents and get a free quote on your customized insurance policy now!

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