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Other Great Insurance Products We Offer

When you are looking for a very specific product and you are wondering where to go, contact us. We offer a wide array of specialty products that will meet and exceed your needs such as:

  • Marine insurance for the boating enthusiast who wants to make sure if something happens, they can get back on the water as fast as possible.

  • Classic automobile – Hagerty Insurance Company is one of the top classic car insurers in North America. Not only will they insure it, they can help figure out what it is worth and then agree to that value so if anything happens you know you are covered.

  • As a camping aficionado, you want protection for your trailer so that you do not miss a day out in Canada’s great backcountry and we have the package for you.

  • You: out on the road with the wind blowing in your face, enjoying a summer ride on your motorcycle. Sounds good, right? Well, let’s make sure you have what you need to make this happen.

  • Is a rock chip turning into a spider web right in front of your eyes? We can provide coverage with our extensive glass insurance coverage for as little as $18/month.

We will sit down and review all the coverages that are provided by one of our great specialty insurance products so that you not only get a product that is right for you, you also get peace of mind and full understanding of what you are covered for.

With more than 50 years of experience in the insurance industry, our family owned and operated business understands the importance of the correct coverage and will work with you to make sure the coverage needed is the coverage you buy.

Contact us today at 403-285-3200 to find out more about our other insurance products!

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