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Resources & Frequently Asked Questions

John Beal Insurance is proud to represent the following insurance product providers:

AMI Autoglass Insurance
Wawanesa Insurance

Consumer information and insurance associations:

Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta
Insurance Bureau of Canada

What is basic coverage?

Basic coverage, also known as PL PD or Liability Insurance is actually much more than that. It contains the following coverages:

Liability – No less than $1,000,000
Accident Benefits – These coverages are legislated by the Alberta government and cover your and your passenger’s bodies in case of an accident or incident.
Family Protection – We, at John Beal Insurance, understand the need for proper protection. However, there are still some individuals who have less liability coverage than you. So, if a person strikes you and you are awarded a compensatory payment of more than the limit they carry, your insurance company, with no effect on your record will cover the difference to your liability limit.

What does comprehensive coverage cover?

Comprehensive provides coverage for damage resulting from other than a collision, such as hail, vandalism, theft or fire, windstorm, falling and flying objects, impact with animal, sinking and derailment of a conveyance device, malicious mischief and riot and civil commotion.
There is usually a deductible amount for this coverage.

What does collision coverage cover?

Collision coverage pays for the repair of a policyholder's vehicle if the vehicle is damaged in an accident caused by a collision with another object or upset. Whether it is 100% your fault, 50% your fault or a dispute in liability, with this coverage you can get your vehicle repaired. There is usually a deductible amount indicated for this coverage.

Do you provide Accident Forgiveness?

Yes! However, you would need to qualify for the coverage before we could add it to your policy.

Can I use my car insurance coverage in Mexico?

No. The coverage provided by your insurance for your automobile is for continental North America and Hawaii and Alaska. If renting a car outside this area you will have to purchase the insurance from the rental company.

Is my windshield covered?

If you have comprehensive coverage on your auto policy, the windshield will be covered for most instances except rock chips, on any window/ sunroof, and the front window will not be covered for vandalism. However, we can get that covered through AMI. Ask us how.

Can my underage son/daughter operate my vehicle without being listed as a driver on the insurance policy?

The short answer, no. No underage drivers are allowed to operate any vehicle listed on the insurance policy without being a listed driver. However, if your son or daughter has their own auto insurance policy and they just want to borrow the car then they would be able to operate your automobiles. If they continue to borrow the car on a regular basis then you would have to have them added as a listed driver.

What are my payment options?

Most companies, if you qualify, will offer a monthly payment plan. There is also a one, two, three, or four pay option available.

What payment types do you accept?

Debit - Credit - Cash - Bank draft

What are your business hours?

Monday – Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Saturday (except long weekends): 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Overland Water definition:

Overland Water is defined as fresh water from rivers, lakes, or water suddenly accumulated as a result of heavy rainfall. Flood refers to coastal flooding from salt water – such as from tsunamis and tidal waves.

What exactly am I covered for with my house insurance?

We try to provide you with the best possible protection at the best price but it is all based on the replacement cost of your home. Any of our experienced brokers will go over the breakdown of coverages provided. Here is a brief overview of the exposures that are covered:

1. Fire
2. Lightning
3. Explosion
4. Smoke
5. Falling object
6. Impact by aircraft, spacecraft, or land vehicle

7. Riot
8. Vandalism or malicious acts
9. Water damage
10. Windstorm
11. Hail
12. Transportation

13. Theft or attempted theft
14. Collapse, including the weight of ice, snow, or sleet
15. Ice damming
16. Electricity
17. Fuel leakage

18. Damage caused by bears


Do the insurance companies you represent provide guaranteed replacement cost coverage for my home?

Yes. As long as certain criteria are met, all of our personal lines companies provide guaranteed replacement cost.

I have heard a lot about service lines. Do your insurance companies you represent provide this and what does it cover?

The answer to the first part is yes; our personal lines companies provide this coverage. Coverage is provided for primary and secondary homeowners who own or rent their homes to repair or replace exterior underground service lines such as water line, exterior sewer/septic line, electrical, and telecommunication lines that accidentally break, leak, tear, rupture, or collapse.

Can I do a quote online?

As of now, that is not a possibility; however, we are working towards providing that service in the future.

Do insurance companies do credit checks?

Yes; however, they are soft checks. Understanding hard checks may affect and lower your credit rating the insurance companies do a soft check which can provide you with an additional discount and does not harm your credit rating. 

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